Effective Telephone Skills

This programme provides practical telephone handling skills and techniques for your staff to confidently answer customer interactions on the telephone.

This module offers participants with effective communication skills to respond to customer enquiries and internal telephone communication to give a positive and professional image to your business.

What you will learn include-

We believe businesses across every industry are rethinking service and are putting up strategies to improve customer service to standout from the packs to make their competitors irrelevant which your business is not an exception. We stand to:

  • Keys to effective telephone communication
  • Telephone communication barriers
  • Effective listening techniques
  • Telephone communication red flags and enhancers
  • Steps to effective telephone interaction
  • Power of words in telephone communication
  • Dealing with irate customers
  • Developing telephone communication standards

We are experts in people skills training. E-Meg consult team have worked with organisations in a variety of industries. We bring excellence, Quality, innovation and integrity to every project we undertake. We are committed to provide customized solutions that will enhance the skills of your workforce to deliver sustainable results.


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