Leading Service Excellence

Every organization in every industry is seeking ways to improve bottom-line results. Most, however, are passing up the opportunity of benefiting from creating loyal customers through service excellence. While they see that stellar customer service is delivering enviable rewards for others, they either believe they are unable to duplicate the achievement within their organization.

The challenge for managers and leaders is to understand the link between the employee and customer satisfaction and to create an environment that enables employees deliver excellent customer service.

This Training program will provide participants with practical skills, techniques and strategies on how leaders can lead their teams and organizations to develop a customer-centric approach and deliver exceptional customer service.

What you will learn include-

  • Service excellence and drivers for success
  • Skills for successful leadership
  • Developing Customer Service Vision
  • Developing Customer service standards and aligned Behaviors
  • Steps to service quality improvement
  • Team management
  • Leading change
  • Employee Motivation

We are experts in people skills training. E-Meg consult team have worked with organisations in a variety of industries. We bring excellence, Quality, innovation and integrity to every project we undertake. We are committed to provide customized solutions that will enhance the skills of your workforce to deliver sustainable results.


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